Of all superheros, their grandma was the strongest

Dylan and Justin Robinson at the 10th annual Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk on Sept. 14 at CBS Studios in Studio City. Stood in the battle stance!
Contributed by: Yvette Pappalardo and Michelle Pappalardo-Robinson 9/16/08

At the the 10th annual Ovarian Cancer Coalition Run/Walk on Sept. 14, Burbank residents Dylan Robinson, 3,and his big brother Justin Robinson, 6, were ready to walk, run and fight in the memory of their grandmother, who passed away three years ago after battling ovarian cancer for seven years.

Dylan attends Horacemann childcare, while Justin is a first-grader at St. Frances Xavier School. Dylan was only five months old at the time, but looks at pictures of him and his grandmother, who fought to stay alive to see him born.

Of all the superheros they have read about in story books, their grandma, Gladys Pappalardo, was the strongest superhero of them all.

Their mother, Michelle Robinson, and her sister, Yvette Pappalardo, have created a nonprofit organization called The Parking Lot Heart Corp., in honor of their mother, teaching, among other things, that although you may have lost someone, there is always a space in your heart wherethey will be parked forever.

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